About TensorFlight

TensorFlight automatically analyzes satellite, aerial, drone and street view imagery in order to automate slow and expensive manual in-person property inspections.

If you are a property insurer TensorFlight can help you with:

  • Underwriting: Automatically pre-fill a quote or suggest items to investigate for an underwriter.
  • Reinsurance: Get more detailed information about each property in a reinsurance policy or gain alpha while trading cat bonds.
  • Risk: Better understand exposure of your portfolio or monitor transient risks.
  • Claims: Estimate catastrophic claim severity.

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Robert Kozikowski

Robert is an engineer experienced in big data, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. He gained his skills ranking financial products for Google Compare using machine learning, processing terabytes of data for Google Search or quantitative hedge fund. You may check out his technology blog at kozikow.com.

Zbigniew Wojna

Deep learning and computer vision researcher with experience from DeepMind, Google street view, Google research, Microsoft and Nvidia. His computer vision algorithms recently beat the world records in the most important computer vision benchmarks: ImageNet classification and MS COCO. He is a co-author of the Inception, the most famous and influential deep neural network structure, which got 300 citations in just 1 year and was the first model to beat human accuracy on ImageNet.

Advisory board

Pieter Abbeel

Professor at UC Berkeley and Research Scientist at OpenAI. Pieter is considered to be the top deep reinforcement learning professor in the world. His lab continues to produce high caliber research for robotics and computer vision.

Kyunghyun Cho

Professor at New York University. Very recognized and active scientist with enormous scientific record. His research includes machine learning algorithms, recurrent neural networks and their applications to various areas including computer vision and natural languages. He also did the post doc with Yoshua Bengio in the MILA lab.

Marcin Moczulski

Deep learning researcher with experience from Montreal lab, Google DeepMind and founding previous startups. He did his PhD with Nando de Freitas at Oxford University. He wrote influencial scientific publications in the deep learning space.

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